Beta V5.0.4.001
sha2: e9aa1bda80a7780d4cfb86af6eb97ce717734c1f5fe0958884d76cd361f598ac
[New] Toolbar item: Sort By.
[New] Optionally display the “Date Last Opened” column in List view.
[New] Menu Bar > Workspace > Clone Workspace, support custom hotkey.
[New] Menu Bar > Workspace > Clone Workspace to New Tab, support custom hotkey.
[New] [Server Connections] Support Baidu Netdisk.
[New] Batch Rename: Select file name as input.
[New] Preferences > Behavior > Link file format: Support saving as webloc or url files when dragging and dropping web links.
[New] Preferences > Behavior: Open Items by “Single Click”.
[New] Preferences > Open Mode: Open & Save Panel, quickly select current location.
[Fixed] Unable to drag and drop files into folder aliases to copy or move them.
[Fixed] List view, the list scrolls abnormally when multiple items are selected.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] When uploading files to SFTP server, the file modification date is lost.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Some file extensions are incorrect.
[Improved] [Advanced Batch Rename] Save to the current preset rule by default.
[Improved] Side Preview, support double-click to open the selected items.
V5.0.4MAS V5.0.3
sha2: 1581ea8f92b9d70f1195a8f0682995bb0e3fbd590dbca8d5b746eaf3f46c8b17
[Fixed] Display abnormality when full screen window is activated on external monitor.
[Fixed] No prompt for name conflicts when dragging and extracting files from an archive.
[Fixed] Unable to drag and drop files from web pages or emails to server folders.
[Fixed] After renaming a new folder, quickly double-clicking Enter will enter the old folder.
[Fixed] [Enhanced Archiver] Crash may occur when dragging to extract files from a 7z archive.
V5.0.2MAS V5.0.1
sha2: 885f87b0c9d69d741ed9f721778748d5a588f6a7656f43e4a5de9a402918cdf8
[Adjusted] The minimum system version supports macOS 10.13.
[New] Support Italian, thanks to Roberto Barbaro for the translation.
[New] Support Polish, thanks to Kamil Maciejewski for the translation.
[New] Preferences > General > Text font: Supports selecting system fonts and system monospaced fonts.
[New] Preferences > General > Side Preview: Compact style option, enabled by default.
[New] Preferences > Behavior > Tab limit, you can limit the maximum number of tabs open in a window.
[New] Preferences > Behavior > Sorting by kind: Sort the same kind by extension.
[New] Preferences > Behavior > Drag & Drop action options: Move when on the same volume, copy when across volumes (default), copy, move.
[New] Preferences > Contextual Menu: Go to Start Location.
[New] Preferences > Custom Icon: Supports gray icons.
[New] Added to Photos, Contextual Menu item, Toolbar item and Hotkey can be customized.
[New] Cloud Sharing (iCloud files), Contextual Menu item, Toolbar item and Hotkey can be customized.
[New] Trash > Address Bar: Empty button.
[New] Sidebar > Contextual menu: Open in New Tab.
[New] Sidebar > Contextual menu: Drag & Drop Change Confirmation.
[New] QSpace Desktop > Contextual menu > Visible Items > Widgets. PRO
[New] Toolbar customization items: Undo and Redo.
[New] When holding down command to open a folder in a new window, hold down option to open in a new tab.
[New] [Server Connections] Aliyun OSS supports manual input of the server’s endpoint.
[New] [Server Connections] Connecting to Amazon S3 supports leaving the bucket empty.
[New] [Server Connections] Connecting to Aliyun OSS supports leaving the bucket empty.
[New] [Server Connections] Base URL, option to use backslashes in the path.
[New] [Server Connections] Support adding suffix when copying the image URL on the server.
[New] When using the left and right dual-pane layout and displaying dual sidebars, Sidebar > Contextual menu item: Assign to Same Side Pane.
[Improved] Compatibility with macOS 14.
[Improved] Reduce CPU usage and energy consumption when QSpace is in the background.
[Improved] List view: Date column display completeness.
[Improved] Columns view: Alternate row background color effect when grouping.
[Improved] The key repetition rate in the file name input box is slower when renaming.
[Improved] List view: Ribbon effect.
[Improved] Search window: Maximum width of Path column.
[Improved] Visibility of disks mounted by third-party applications.
[Improved] Preferences > General: When turn off the Default Workspace, remove it if it exists.
[Improved] Preferences > Colorful: Time Comparison.
[Improved] The archive file name during One-click compression.
[Improved] [Server Connections] SMB server connection compatibility.
[Improved] Side preview of remote files on the server.
[Improved] Display of sidebar when assigned to pane on the same side.
[Improved] Side preview display effect.
[Improved] Sidebar: Bookmark icon for folders on the server.
[Improved] Folder Sync: Loading speed.
[Fixed] List view, the input box is truncated when renaming the file at the bottom.
[Fixed] Search window, double-clicking blank causes the window to close automatically.
[Fixed] The compression level option has no effect when creating an archive.
[Fixed] Rename exception when hiding the extension of apps.
[Fixed] List view: Deleting an archive while it is being expanded may cause a crash.
[Fixed] Columns view: Pressing the esc key during renaming does not cancel.
[Fixed] The contents of some smart folders cannot be listed.
[Fixed] [Advanced Batch Rename] Inaccurate file extension recognition.
[Fixed] [Advanced Batch Rename] Name Processor > Replace Text: Enabling Match First Only and Regular Expression at the same time has no effect.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Unable to drag and drop files to SMB folder bookmarks in the Sidebar.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Crash when opening a folder on some S3 compatible servers.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] If the password is not saved when mounting SMB or AFP folders, the password will not be prompted when reconnecting.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Path case changes when opening a bookmark on an SMB server.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Avoid duplicate mounting of SMB folders.
[Fixed] When dragging a link and saving it as a webloc file, an additional text file is generated.
[Fixed] The icon preview does not refresh after downloading files in the Google Drive folder.
[Fixed] Incomplete file copy from HandShaker app.
[Fixed] When the compressed file name contains *, the archive name is abnormal.
V4.3.2MAS V4.3.1
sha2: 91729d1e43d68e0b70e6bf56a1255804d8e28780efbaeffd7558145771649840
[New] Support Russian, thanks to Юрий Куклин for the translation.
[New] Support Korean, thanks to 황정만 for the translation.
[New] Preferences > General > Fonts of Folders and Aliases.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys: Go to Bookmark.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys: Make Symbolic Link.
[New] Preferences > Contextual menu: Make Symbolic Link.
[New] Preferences > Quick Launch > Open in Terminal: WezTerm is supported.PRO
[New] Preferences > Address Bar > Visible Elements: Bookmark.
[New] Preferences > Search > "Exclude" after: !.
[New] Preferences > Search: Restore Defaults button.
[New] List view: Icon preview size supports up to 64×64.
[New] Columns view: Icon preview size supports up to 64×64.
[New] [Advanced Batch Rename] Supports changing the size of preview icons.
[New] Tab Bar: Accept drag and drop to move or copy files.
[New] Sidebar: Quick Rename group.
[New] Sidebar: Smart Folder group.
[New] Search window: The bottom status bar displays the number of items.
[Fixed] Unable to match spaces in file names when selecting by typing.
[Fixed] Keyboard selection: Cannot expand multiple selected folders.
[Fixed] After moving folder conflicts and merging, the original folder has not been removed.
[Fixed] Contextual menu: Add Bookmark, title error.
[Fixed] Some external disks cannot be recognized.
[Fixed] Press key to select cannot match files whose names contain consecutive repeating characters.
[Fixed] macOS 14: File replacement on some disks may cause files to be hidden.
[Fixed] macOS 14: iCloud file status is incorrect.
[Fixed] macOS 14: When copying a file with the same name conflict, it occasionally cannot be replaced.
[Fixed] Columns view: Repeated prompts when renaming conflicts.
[Fixed] When deleting app files, the progress window displays abnormally.
[Fixed] Crash when dragging and moving locked files.
[Fixed] Columns view: File changes cannot be refreshed when entering a folder from the address bar.
[Fixed] Columns view: When the opening location is invalid, the interface displays abnormally.
[Improved] Script API: Window bounds on the secondary screen.
[Improved] macOS 10.13 interface compatibility.
[Improved] Group display in List view and Columns view.
[Improved] Task Status window display.
[Improved] Keyboard selection: Press option + up and down arrow keys to move the focus to the first and last item in the list.
[Improved] [Server Connections] Supports mounting SMB server shared subfolders.
[Improved] [Server Connections] Avoid cache residue when downloading large files from Aliyun Drive.
[Improved] Go to Bookmark: Supports pressing the Tab key to switch groups.
[Improved] Support dragging text from other apps to the QSpace window and saving it as a text file.
[Improved] Sidebar: Automatically refresh smart folder groups.
[Improved] Script API: Access selected items on QSpace Desktop.
[Improved] Some cases where the memory usage is too large.
[Improved] Keyboard selection operation experience.
[Improved] Workspace selection panel: use the first letter of the workspace name as the selection key.
[Improved] QSpace Desktop: Compatibility with Stage Manager.PRO
V4.2.4MAS V4.2.3
sha2: c7283f5f261fbeb95134a2ba9162d026cb766795b00ae6b8a60c3f1f70dcf8a5
[Fixed] Some accounts automatically log out after logging in. PRO
[Fixed] QSpace Desktop: Filename shadow exception. PRO
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Crash when connecting to OneDrive.
V4.2.2MAS V4.2.1
sha2: 59a55577f510a4f9a347feed79e26c955b4181b1a1a779b34897fd27a636ba42
[New] Select by Condition: Select items matching file name, type, modification or creation date, and support appending or removing selections.
[New] Bottom Status Bar > Display Style: Set Folder Individually, supports Apply to descendant folders option.
[New] Columns view > Address Bar: Contextual menu item on the folder button "Reveal in this Folder".
[New] Preferences > Behavior > Clipboard: Paste images and text as files. Enabled by default.
[New] Preferences > Contextual Menu: Select by Condition.
[New] Preferences > Contextual Menu: Undo, Redo.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys: Individual Folder Settings.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys: Select by Condition.
[New] List view supports optional display of the Version column.
[New] Sidebar > Location: Support editing the display name of local cloud storage folders.
[New] Right Sidebar > Contextual menu: Sync with Left, disabled by default.
[New] Toolbar customization item: Select by Condition.
[New] Menu Bar > Edit: Select by Condition.
[Improved] [Server Connections] Tencent Cloud COS Global Acceleration Node.
[Improved] [Server Connections] Aliyun Drive: Supports backup disks and resource library folders.
[Improved] Scriptable support.
[Improved] Columns view, press key to select matching siblings.
[Improved] The newly created tab window is at the end.
[Improved] [Batch Rename] Advanced Mode > Name Processor > Manual Input: Newline Compatibility.
[Improved] Menu Bar > Edit: Undo and Redo show related action.
[Improved] List view: Automatically complete renaming when the text input box disappeared due to list scrolling.
[Improved] Actions when Keyboard Selection is enabled.
[Improved] Contextual Menu > Open With: Automatically remember selected other applications.
[Improved] QSpace Desktop: Running fluency. PRO
[Fixed] Cannot run script of Quick Launch in Tag folders.
[Fixed] macOS 14, error occurs when replacing files in the iCloud folder.
[Fixed] Unable to drag and drop files from rar archive to decompress.
[Fixed] Side preview, the last preview may flash when switching items.
[Fixed] Preferences > Behavior > Column view width: "adapt automatically" and "full display" sometimes are unresponsive.
[Fixed] Icons view: Avoid triggering rename when selecting an item for dragging.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Aliyun Drive: Login exception. ⚠️
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Aliyun Drive: Exception during file replacement.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Columns view, manual refresh does not work.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Exception displayed when duplicating a connected server settings.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] When uploading files to the FTP server, the modification date is incorrect.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] SMB root directory access displays abnormally in some cases.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Some shared folders cannot be reached from the SMB server root folder.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Unable to upload files to S3 compatible servers that do not support streaming upload.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Exception when connecting an invalid server.
[Fixed] QSpace Desktop: The contextual menu item Show Original on alias file does not respond. PRO
[Adjusted] View options panel: Cancel the "Set Folder Folder" entrance and move to the bottom Status Bar.
[Adjusted] Preferences > Contextual Menu: Make Alias is enabled by default.
V4.1.2MAS V4.1.1
sha2: 089e4e283e94e4e07bd5598eafae7c300242e6a40964ca86f55bd50789b2d4cb
[New] Preferences > Behavior > Keyboard selection, turned off by default.
[New] Preferences > Behavior > Keyboard selection: Mark next automatically, turned off by default.
[New] Preferences > Behavior > Mouse button actions: Back/Forward and Open, enabled by default.
[NEW] Preferences > Hotkeys: All Go to Start Location.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys: Show Trash Can.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys: Float Trash Can.
[New] Preferences > Contextual Menu: Individual Folder Settings.
[New] Preferences > Contextual Menu: Folder Quick View.
[New] Preferences > Colorful: Supports name rules, with options for prefix, suffix, contains, equals, and regular expression matching.
[New] Preferences > Colorful: Support setting mutually exclusive coloring rules.
[NEW] Preferences > Colorful: Support for selecting file types.
[New] Preferences > Colorful: Support setting additional contraint.
[New] Sidebar > Trash > Contextual menu item: Empty Trash.
[New] Menu Bar > Go: All Go to Start Location.
[New] Menu Bar > QSpace > Show/Hide Trash.
[New] Toolbar customization items: Go to Start Location, All Go to Start Location.
[New] Continuous renaming: Press the Tab key to complete the current renaming and continue renaming the next item.
[New] QSpace Desktop: Contextual Menu > Show View Options > Preview folders, enabled by default. PRO
[New] Side preview: Support for editing text files.
[New] Side preview: When selecting multiple video files, the total duration can be displayed.
[New] [Server Connections] Support Aliyun Drive.
[New] [Server Connections] SFTP connection supports two-factor authentication.
[New] [Server Connections] SFTP connection supports manual selection of charset.
[New] [Advanced Batch Rename] Select sorting method of the list.
[New] Trash Can > Contextual menu items: Open, Empty Trash, Hide, Float, Size, Name.
[New] Address Bar: The contextual menu on folder, support Quick View.
[New] Sidebar: The contextual menu on folder, support Quick View.
[New] Search results: The contextual menu on folder, support Quick View.
[Improved] Columns view browsing experience.
[Improved] Number separator display responds to system settings.
[Improved] Hidden files in the trash can respond to global hidden file display settings.
[Fixed] Abnormal situation when scrolling in list browsing.
[Fixed] The pop-up task list on the Toolbar is not refreshed.
[Fixed] The color ribbon of newly added tag is not refreshed.
[Fixed] Unable to switch workspaces from Sidebar bookmarks when location locked.
[Fixed] When the Sidebar is displayed below the Toolbar, the workspace window size is restored abnormally.
[Fixed] When editing the name of bookmark in the Sidebar, the edit box occasionally closes automatically.
[Fixed] When opening a file in an encrypted archive, no password is prompted.
[Fixed] Cannot enter folders with archive extensions.
[Fixed] macOS 14, pressing Enter when inputting a match in the address bar does not enter the corresponding location.
[Fixed] macOS 14.1, Finder tags cannot be displayed in the Sidebar.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Anonymous connection to SMB server exception.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Crash caused by object storage bucket name containing unusual characters.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Unable to list folder contents on some S3 compatible servers.
V4.0.4MAS V4.0.3
sha2: 1c6ae90bdfe41ea2f2cae1bdf9607942bdca5cd4d94dcd0ad89c80e5f0a5329b
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Unable to open SMB shared folders.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Possible crash when connecting to Dropbox.
[Adjusted] Preferences > Behavior: Press ESC, the default is "Ignore".
[Adjusted] Preferences > Connections: The Browse button is always available.
V4.0.2MAS V4.0.1
sha2: 8f3ec79df1c81afacead18bd49bc4967e6142dec2280d4fe1f5ff79a9303fb40
[New] Notify when the privacy policy is updated.
[New] Menu Bar > QSpace > About: Notification of Privacy Policy Update, enabled by default.
[New] Menu Bar > Window: Used as Default Size. You can set the default size of new workspace window.
[New] Preferences > General > Text font: Maximum text size to 22.
[New] Preferences > General > Side Preview: Show item info, which is enabled by default.
[New] Preferences > General > Keep folders on top by default, supports Always sort by name option.
[New] Preferences > Behavior > File name sorting: Compare numbers option.
[New] Preferences > Behavior > File extensions: Show all, Hide all, and Customize options.
[New] Preferences > Behavior > Sweep to select, which is enabled by default.
[New] Preferences > Connections, support setting custom icons.
[New] Preferences > Address Bar > Visible elements: Go Enclosing.
[New] Preferences > Contextual Menu > Dropbox extensions: Copy Shared Link, View Online.
[New] Preferences > Contextual Menu: Hide Extension, Show Extension.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys, support setting secondary hotkeys.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys: Clear Stash, supports global option.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys: Copy Stash Items Here.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys: Hide Desktop. PRO
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys: Hide Extension, Show Extension.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys: Move Stash Items Here.
[New] Preferences > Archive > Create Archive > Ignore the root folder. Disabled by default.
[New] Preferences > Colorful, add size, date and other rules to colorize files and folders.
[New] Sidebar: Recent Locations group.
[New] Sidebar: Recent Files group.
[New] Sidebar > Location group: Supports OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox local folders.
[New] Side Preview, support multi-selection items.
[New] Contextual menu > Sort By: Supports always sort by name option when keeping folders on top.
[New] Workspace list supports manual sorting.
[New] Toolbar item: Bookmark groups.
[New] Toolbar item: Delete Directly.
[New] Toolbar item: Eject Disk.
[New] Toolbar item: Quick Launch.
[New] Toolbar item: Separator.
[New] Toolbar item: Side Preview.
[New] Supports Setting Folder Separately in the Trash folder.
[New] Support for multiple items to show Inspector.
[New] Display tags of files on SMB server.
[New] Display customized localized name of folder.
[New] Get Info panel: Hide extension.
[New] Flip images horizontally, Contextual menu item, Toolbar item and Hotkey can be customized.
[New] Flip images vertically, Contextual menu item, Toolbar item and Hotkey can be customized.
[New] Cloud file flags in OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox local folders.
[New] [Server Connections] Dropbox connection can be linked with Dropbox client local folder.
[New] [Server Connections] SMB server options: Unmount on exit.
[Adjusted] Preferences: Habits rename to Behavior.
[Improved] QSpace Desktop: Compatible with Stage Manager. PRO
[Improved] QSpace Desktop: Contextual menu items. PRO
[Improved] QSpace Desktop: Prevent Stage Manager recent applications list from obscuring desktop items. PRO
[Improved] Sidebar: Can display the free space of the linked Dropbox folder.
[Improved] Side preview, text files support selection and copying.
[Improved] Preferences > Color Palette, support setting color transparency.
[Improved] Preferences > Context Menu, Workflow services are merged into the Service group to support more services.
[Improved] List view > Visible Columns: when save as default, remember the default column width at the same time.
[Improved] List view: Mounted folders show eject button.
[Improved] List view: The file name edit box compatible with PopClip.
[Improved] Backup disk shows Time Machine backups.
[Improved] After moving files to other Panes, the next item is automatically selected.
[Improved] Internationalized display of the bottom Status bar.
[Improved] Bottom Status bar: Can display the free space of the linked Dropbox folder.
[Improved] When Quick Look a document, press Command + C can copy the selection.
[Improved] Press Command + Down Arrow while in Quick Look to go into folders.
[Improved] When copying or moving applications, ignore their isolation properties.
[Improved] Folder perspective thumbnail supports heic format.
[Improved] Automatically memorize the manually adjusted width of the Show Workspace panel.
[Improved] [Server Connections] Aliyun OSS region list.
[Improved] [Server Connections] SFTP connection stability.
[Improved] [Server Connections] Some OneDrive folders could not be loaded.
[Improved] [Server Connections] The root folder of SMB server can display all shared folders.
[Improved] Memory usage.
[Improved] Speed up folder size calculation.
[Improved] Speed up folder opening.
[Improved] The icons of executable binary files on macOS 13.
[Improved] Compatible with iCloud Trash in macOS 14 system.
[Improved] Preferences > Hotkeys.
[Improved] The speed of copying folders from external disks to SMB shared folders.
[Improved] Maximum width of the Side Preview.
[Improved] The ribbons in List view.
[Improved] Full display of the name column of List view.
[Improved] List view: Sweep selection operation experience.
[Improved] List view: The scrolling effect.
[Improved] The name of the created alias file.
[Improved] Icon View: Text color automatically adapts to the selected background color or background image.
[Improved] Use plain text format when copying the file name.
[Improved] Address Bar: Manually input address matching.
[Improved] Search: Open folder from the result list.
[Improved] File changes are not automatically refreshed in some folders.
[Improved] FolderSync: The modification time comparison.
[Improved] Get Info panel: Show the size on disk.
[Improved] The height of the Get Info panel.
[Improved] Active Folders: Simplified name display.
[Improved] Recognize the types of folder packages.
[Improved] The Task List pops up after entering the password of the encrypted archive.
[Improved] Display effect when selecting different font sizes.
[Improved] Preserve Quick Look when renaming.
[Improved] [Server Connections] FTP connection compatibility.
[Improved] [Server connections] Dropbox linking with local folder.
[Fixed] Occasional crashes when copying files from SMB shared folders.
[Fixed] The crash that may occur under the root folder of the disk.
[Fixed] When merging PDF files from multiple PDF files, some elements are missing.
[Fixed] Stuck when dragging to copy video from the Photos app.
[Fixed] The column width of the Columns view is set to full display, which is invalid occasionally.
[Fixed] Columns view: Show View Options panel, column width does not take effect as default.
[Fixed] Columns view: The location of Create Folder with Selections incorrectly in alias folders.
[Fixed] When copying or moving files to other Panes, they were not placed in the specified folder.
[Fixed] Comments missed when copy files.
[Fixed] Unable to copy folders to macFUSE formatted disk.
[Fixed] Some filenames with multilingual numbers are sorted incorrectly.
[Fixed] Unable to show the Trash folder due to some mounted disk.
[Fixed] QSpace Desktop: Modifying file could cause its position to change. PRO
[Fixed] QSpace Desktop: Occasionally the desktop file location was reset. PRO
[Fixed] [Stash Shelf] Residual display after moving files.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] When the height is not enough, the content of the connection settings is not fully displayed.
V3.3.2MAS V3.3.1
sha2: 4ca3fa004ac485553010e804f60ad1bab791f8955d479431513879b49b2d6153
[New] Preferences > General > Startup window: Last All Workspaces option.
[New] Preferences > General > Tag style: Badges, Ribbon, Badges and Ribbon options.
[New] Preferences > General > Ribbon brightness.
[New] Preferences > Habits > Show relative dates.
[New] Preferences > Habits > File name sorting: "Multilingual numeric characters" option, which is turned off by default.
[New] Preferences > Habits > Encode copied URL.
[New] Preferences > Contextual Menu > Multiple Paste.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys: Multiple Paste.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys: Sticky Window.
[New] Preferences > Address Bar > Visible by default.
[New] Preferences > Connections: Remote Path, can be set to be ignored when copying URLs.
[New] Preferences > Open Mode > Open to: Preferably show in opened workspaces.
[New] Preferences > Open Mode > Finder Extension, Enable on external volumes.
[New] Preferences > Archive > After unarchiving: leave archives alone, move archives to trash options.
[New] [Server Connections] Set the Base URL, which can be used when Copy URL.
[New] [Server Connections] Sidebar, Settings of the server item on Contextual Menu.
[New] Finder Extension, QSpace Quick Launch items can be called in Finder.
[New] Side Bar > Workspace group.
[New] Address Bar: the root node expands the workspace list, you can click to enter.
[New] Address Bar: you can enter the name to match and open the workspace.
[New] Search: the contextual menu on the result list supports Rename.
[New] App Service: QSpace Pro/Show Info. PRO
[New] App Service: QSpace Pro/File Hash Value. PRO
[New] App Service: QSpace/File Hash Value. MAS
[Adjusted] App Service: QSpace Pro/Reveal (formerly Reveal in QSpace). PRO
[Adjusted] App Service: QSpace/Reveal (formerly Reveal in QSpace). MAS
[Adjusted] App Service: QSpace Pro/Add to Stash Shelf (formerly Add to Stash Shelf). PRO
[Adjusted] App Service: QSpace/Add to Stash Shelf (formerly Add to Stash Shelf). MAS
[Adjusted] Preferences > Habits > Expand segment path, adjust to: Address Bar > Expand folder contents.
[Improved] QSpace desktop: compatible with live wallpapers. PRO
[Improved] List view: automatically remembers the default column width.
[Improved] Columns view: you can set the root folder by double-clicking on the folder.
[Improved] When revealing hidden files from external apps, don't show other hidden files.
[Improved] After the file is deleted, select the next item automatically.
[Improved] Sidebar: volumes sorting in the Location group.
[Improved] After sorting, keep current selections visible.
[Improved] Display of the Item Info panel. PRO
[Improved] Columns view browsing experience.
[Improved] File name renaming in List view and Columns view.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] The folders on SMB servers shows abnormally in the Address Bar.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Improve S3-compatible protocol support, fix exceptions on the MINIO servers.
[Fixed] The direction of Show in Panes is incorrect sometimes.
[Fixed] After turning off file extension display, Folder Sync can't synchronize file extensions.
[Fixed] Preferences > General > Bottom Status Bar: Exception when applying to the opened windows.
[Fixed] Search: Results cannot be sorted by Path.
[Fixed] Side preview, file name cannot be displayed completely when it is too long.
[Fixed] QSpace desktop: Show contextual menu item "Eject" on SD cards.
[Fixed] Contextual menu > Open With: Some app names are not displayed locally on macOS 13 system.
V3.2.6MAS V3.2.5
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Columns view, creating a new file in some folders causes display exception.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Columns view, grouping is missed in subsequent columns.
[Fixed] [Enhanced Archiver] Cannot drag to extract folders from encrypted archives.
[Fixed] Icons of app aliases display abnormally on macOS 13.
[Fixed] Ignore exceptions caused by unnecessary temporary files when copying files.
[Fixed] Abnormal loss that may be caused by canceling a folder move.
[Fixed] QSpace Desktop, custom contextual menu item AirDrop is not displayed. PRO
[Improved] When modifying Tags of files at the same time, verify permissions only once. PRO
V3.2.4MAS V3.2.3
[Fixed] When copying files across volumes, the file lock status is lost.
[Fixed] Preferences > General > When selecting "None" in the Startup window, can't show window by clicking the dock icon.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Uncheck "Connect on demand" and it will be checked after restarting.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Can't drag and drop to download some files on the WebDAV server.
V3.2.2MAS V3.2.1
[New] Preferences > General > Startup window: None option.
[New] Preferences > General > Default Sidebar: Display options of "On the left" and "On the right".
[New] Preferences > Habits > Delete directly: Cancel by default, Delete by default and No prompt options.
[New] Preferences > Quick Launch > Open in Terminal: kitty terminal is supported. PRO
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys: Show in Finder.
[New] Address Bar > Contextual Menu items on folders: Open in New Window, Get Info, Open in Terminal, Open in Editor, Copy Filename, Copy Path, Quick Launches, Services.
[New] List view: Owner column and Group column.
[New] Display the right Sidebar, support custom Toolbar item, hotkey.
[New] Toolbar item: Invert Selection.
[New] Toolbar item: Current Folder.
[New] Sidebar: “Left Sidebar is always below Toolbar” option.
[New] Menu Bar > View: Show/Hide Right Sidebar.
[Improved] Toolbar items: Icons of Open in Terminal, Open in Editor, Trash.
[Improved] Columns view browsing experience.
[Improved] The result of items sorting.
[Improved] [Server Connections] Browsing the SMB folders.
[Improved] Prompts when displaying a large number of item Infos at once to avoid misoperation.
[Improved] Prompts when opening a large number of items at once to avoid misoperation.
[Improved] Automatically remembers the width of the sidebar after manual adjustment.
[Improved] Compatible with custom font display.
[Improved] Sidebar > "Location": Remembers the items sorting.
[Improved] Sidebar > Drag and drop files to the Trash item can move files to the Trash.
[Fixed] Contextual Menu > Paste: Some file names of on server are display abnormal.
[Fixed] Contextual Menu > Show in Finder is occasionally unavailable.
[Fixed] Context Menu > Open With: The list is occasionally empty.
[Fixed] Quick Launch: After adding or deleting items, the Quick Launch menu on Menu Bar does not refresh.
[Fixed] Displaying a large number of item Infos at once caused the app to become unresponsive. PRO
[Fixed] QSpace Desktop: The AirDrop window is obscured by other windows. PRO
[Fixed] QSpace Desktop: Can't open folders from the aliases directly. PRO
[Fixed] Columns view, unable to select some items in previous columns.
[Fixed] Icons view, some file names are not centered.
[Fixed] Incorrect URL format for copying local files.
[Fixed] Go to the wrong folder when navigating from an alias folder.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Some folders cannot be uploaded.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Cannot list some FTP server folders.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] On Tencent COS and S3 servers, exception of file operation is caused when the file name contains special characters.
[Fixed] [Enhanced Archiver] When toggling hidden items within an archive, the items are not refreshed.
[Fixed] List view: Scrolling exception when selecting items.
[Fixed] Cannot create duplicate file under some folders.
[Fixed] Current pane focus is lost when close and reopen a workspace via hotkey.
[Adjusted] Toolbar, items are enabled by default: Back/Forward, Current Folder, and the Sidebar item is disabled by default.
V3.1.2MAS V3.1.1
[New] Preferences > General > Address Bar: can be set to "On top" or "At the Bottom".
[New] Preferences > General > Address Bar: switches of "Back/Forward", "Reload", "Action".
[New] Contextual Menu > Sort By: "Width" and "Height" of images or videos.
[New] QSpace Desktop: Contextual Menu > View Options > Label postion: can be set to "Bottom" or "Right". PRO
[Improved] The icons of doc files on macOS 13.
[Improved] The Address Bar popup menus.
[Improved] The Toolbar items.
[Improved] [Server Connections] You can set the "Remote Path" of S3, OneDrive and Dropbox servers.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] When copy folders to SMB servers, the modification date of some files may be lost.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Some FTP folders can't be listed.
[Fixed] Startup crash on macOS 10.13 systems.
[Fixed] Files opened with the specified app can't be displayed in the Recent Files list.
V3.0.4MAS V3.0.3
[Fixed] Side preview display exception when List view is grouped.
[Fixed] Some file icons display on macOS 13 Ventura.
[Fixed] Occasional exception when clicking on a file for selection.
[Fixed] Some crashes.
[Fixed] QSpace Desktop: When unarchiving an encrypted file, the password input box cannot be displayed in front. PRO
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Some FTP folders cannot be listed when theirs name contains certain special characters.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Open the side preview, the UI is abnormal when the server is disconnected.
[Improved] Popup tips when the list view cursor hovers over the file names.
[New] Preferences > Habits > Keep folders on top: The option "Sorting by name".
[New] Custom Toolbar items: Move to Pane and Copy to Pane.
V3.0.2MAS V3.0.1
[New] Support Dutch, thanks to Dennis van Zoerlandt for the translation.
[New] Preferences > General: The Side Preview switch of the Default View.
[New] Preferences > General: Startup Window, option to select Last Saved Workspaces, New Workspace, or a specific workspace.
[New] Preferences > Habits: You can set the "Unified View Sorting Mode" of pane, which is disabled by default.
[New] Preferences > Habits: Set Folder Separately, option to prompt confirmation.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys: Customize service hotkeys.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys: Search.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys: Show / Hide Preview, shift + command + p by default.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys: New File.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys: Search at Current Location.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys: Search in Current Workspace.
[New] Preferences > Contextual Menu: Search.
[New] Preferences > Contextual Menu: Add custom groups.
[New] Preferences > Contextual Menu: Support to add "Quick Launch" items separately.
[New] Preferences > Contextual Menu: Comments.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys: Comments.
[New] Preferences > Quick Launch: Support adding "Shortcut" as a "Quick Launch" item.
[New] Preferences > iCloud: Show app folders in iCloud Drive automatically or select manually.
[New] Customize the Toolbar: You can add each "Quick Launch" item individually.
[New] Sidebar: "Auth Hide the Eject Button" setting.
[New] Batch rename (advanced mode) file name processor option "Include Extension".
[New] Display the Trash items, files moved to the Trash by QSpace can work with the contextual menu item "Put Back".
[New] Open the Trash: support custom Toolbar item, support adding as a "Bookmark" to the Sidebar, support custom hotkeys.
[New] You can enter "trash" in the Address bar to quickly open the Trash.
[New] Optionally display the iCloud file “Shared By” and “Last Modified By” columns in List view.
[New] Side preview in List view.
[New] Side preview in Icons view.
[New] Menu Bar > View > Show / Hide Preview.
[New] Toggle button of side preview on bottom Status Bar.
[New] Compress separately when multiple items are selected, contextual menu item and hotkey can be customized.
[New] Move panes, support for custom toolbar items.
[New] [Server Connections] Amazon S3, Alibaba Cloud OSS, and Tencent Cloud COS support setting domain aliases, which can be used when copying URLs.
[New] [Advanced Batch Rename] Name processor, range operations starting from the tail are supported.
[Improved] Start QuickLook when force click on the Trackpad.
[Improved] Select the navigation source item when navigate back or forward.
[Improved] Contextual menu items on Tags location.
[Improved] Contextual menu item of workflow on some files. PRO
[Improved] QSpace Desktop: Shows the free space of disks. PRO
[Improved] QSpace Desktop: The display of the item names. PRO
[Improved] QSpace Desktop: Prompt settings when "One-click Compress" is turned off. PRO
[Improved] Some file icons display on macOS 13 Ventura.
[Improved] When setting the folder separately, it will keep the expand status of the folder in List view.
[Improved] The display of the Toolbar items.
[Improved] Pressing key to select item in Columns view.
[Improved] Confirmation prompt when the app exits, to avoid interrupting the system shutdown.
[Improved] The result of the file hash calculation.
[Fixed] RTFD files cannot be opened normally.
[Fixed] An exception when copying pictures from the Photos app.
[Fixed] Unable to copy video files from the Photos app.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] When the upload local folder is empty, the folder with the same name on the server cannot be replaced.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] When moving a folder conflict, the merge operation fails and the original folder is removed.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Can't download large files from S3 servers.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Can't duplicate items on OneDrive.
[Fixed] Can't show some removable disks in the "Locations" group on Sidebar.
[Fixed] Can't sort "groups" by drag and drop.
[Fixed] QSpace Desktop: Quick Launch can't get the $selections variable. PRO
[Fixed] Can't add some apps to Quick Launch.
[Adjusted] The default items on the Toolbar.
[Adjusted] The "Quick Launch" group is deprecated on the Toolbar.
V2.9.20MAS V2.9.19
[Improved] iCloud Drive folder Aggregation displays the iCloud folder of third-party apps.
[Fixed] Menu bar items occasionally can not clickable.
[Fixed] Tags were ignored when syncing folders.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Some folders could not be uploaded to the server.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Unable to log in to some SFTP servers using key file.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] When mounting multiple SMB shared folders, the list is occasionally incomplete.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Abnormal when replacing Alibaba Cloud OSS folder.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Some files on Tencent Cloud COS cannot be operated.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Modified dates of files on OneDrive are not displayed correctly.
[Improved] [Server Connections] Compatible with file operations on some WebDAV servers.
[Improved] [Server Connections] When opening a server address that has not been added, it can be automatically added and connected.
[Improved] [Advanced Batch Rename] Unable to set extension for files without extension.
[Improved] [Advanced Batch Rename] Content Creation Date (the date of photo was taken) can be selected.
[Improved] [Enhanced Archiver] Add progress prompt when creating archives.
[Improved] Automatically clean up QSpace desktop items when switching monitor resolutions. PRO
[New] Preferences > Search > Reveal Item in, you can choose “Current Window”, “New Window” or “Tab”.
[New] Preferences > Habits > File Name too Long, you can choose “Truncate Middle” or “Truncate Tail”.
[Improved] When the workspace window is at the front, press the relevant hotkey to close the window.
[Improved] Some other experience details.
V2.9.18MAS V2.9.17
[Fixed] The available size of disk is not refreshed in time.
[Fixed] Contextual menu, the number of paste items is incorrectly.
[Fixed] When press key to select item outside the visible area in Icons view, not scrolling to make it visible.
[Fixed] The file name contains special characters displayed abnormally.
[Fixed] The progress of the task list is occasionally displayed abnormally.
[Fixed] Some custom hotkeys cannot take effect.
[Fixed] Unable to copy files to some folder aliases.
[Improved] Add to the system login item, check "Hide" and do not display windows.
[Improved] When grouped by application, folders are handled individually as a group.
[Improved] Add tags to items.
[Improved] Keep the list status when going forward or backward.
[Improved] Automatically adapt the column width in Columns view.
[Improved] Automatically adapt the column width of name in List view.
[Improved] Moving a large number of items to the trash can cause the interface to become unresponsive.
[Improved] The sliding selection experience in the list view.
[Improved] Some experience details.
[Improved] Can drag the segment of address bar to the Sidebar as a bookmark.
[Improved] Full disk access permission display incorrect on some systems.
[Improved] Support multiple select images and PDF files, and merge to create PDF file.
[Improved] Display background when dragging items.
[Fixed] [Enhanced Archiver] Turning off the extension display caused extracted files have no extensions.
[Fixed] [Enhanced Archiver] Unable to compress iCloud remote files.
[Fixed] [Batch Rename] Filename operations on some folder are invalid.
[Improved] [Server Connections] The file name and path name length detection on FTP servers.
[Improved] [Server Connections] Cannot upload and download files on some NAS servers connected with SFTP.
[Fixed] QSpace Desktop, crashes occasionally. PRO
[Fixed] QSpace Desktop > Cannot display properly on some external monitor. PRO
[Improved] QSpace Desktop > SD card is displayed as external disk. PRO
[New] QSpace Desktop > View Options > Preview Icon, enabled by default. PRO
[New] Preferences > General > Keep recent locations and files, can enable "Include Hidden Items", which is disabled by default.
[New] Preferences > Habits > Hide App Extensions, enabled by default.
[New] Preferences > Batch Rename > Start Mode, can choose the default suffix of simple mode.
[New] Preferences > Batch Rename > Start Mode, can choose the rule of advanced mode.
V2.9.16MAS V2.9.15
[Fixed] Cannot display iCloud remote files.
[Fixed] Crashes when renaming in batches.
[Fixed] Cannot browse the Applications folder on macOS 10.14 and earlier systems.
[Fixed] The extension show/hide settings for some apps do not take effect.
[Fixed] The progress refresh is abnormal when copying files.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Cannot browse some SMB folders occasionally.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Cannot browse OneDrive folders on some systems.
[Improved] [Server Connections] Cannot refresh the UI under some SMB folders occasionally.
[Improved] Drag and drop operations in the List view.
[Improved] Some experience details.
V2.9.14MAS V2.9.13
[New] Purchases via PayPal are supported. PRO
[New] Preferences > General > Restore Defaults.
[New] Preferences > Habits > Restore Defaults.
[New] Preferences > Archive > Open With, “Decompress in QSpace” option.
[New] Preferences > Archive > "One-click compression" setting item, which is enabled by default.
[New] Preferences > Habits > Hide “.DS_Store” Files setting item.
[New] Get Info panel, Preview. PRO
[New] The hash value calculation result can be displayed in uppercase or lowercase.
[New] [Stash Shelf] Contextual menu > Compress.
[New] [QSpace Desktop] Sort By > Align > Left and Right options. PRO
[Fixed] The crash caused by browsing some archives.
[Fixed] Occasionally an exception occurs when selecting items in List view.
[Fixed] Columns view, the size of application on the preview page is incorrect.
[Fixed] Columns view, unable to rename files under the tag folder.
[Fixed] Can't drag and drop to save email as eml file when the subject contains “/”.
[Fixed] [Enhanced Archiver] Filenames cannot be encrypted when compressed into 7z format.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] The modification date is changed when copying files to SMB server.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Cannot calculate and display the size of folder on SMB server.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Can't copy files on some SFTP servers.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Can't copy folders on GoogleDrive.
[Improved] [Server Connections] The shared folders can be optional when connect to SMB or AFP servers.
[Improved] [Server Connections] The file is updated to the server after editing.
[Improved] [Server Connections] The efficiency of SFTP when copying a large number of files.
[Improved] [Batch Rename] Loading speed.
[Improved] Some UI details.
[Improved] Smoothness when cutting a large number of files.
[Improved] When sorting by name, support Chinese numbers.
[Improved] Aggregation display system applications in the Applications folder.
[Improved] Cannot eject some external SD cards.
[Improved] The collapsed state of the starting position on the sidebar is maintained.
[Improved] Sidebar > Show disk available size on some servers like OneDrive, GoogleDrive and SMB.
[Adjusted] Visibility of hidden files is set globally.
[Adjusted] The setting of “Active Folders” has been moved to Preferences > Open Mode > Active Folders.
[Adjusted] The setting of “Automatically connect to server” has been moved to Preferences > Connections > Connect on demand.
[Adjusted] Setting item “Show selections in contextual menu item” moved to Preferences > Contextual Menu > Show selections in item.
[Adjusted] Preferences > Habits > Pop up Task Windows, the default is on.
V2.9.12MAS V2.9.11
[Fixed] Occasional crash when copying large files.
[Fixed] The new window is sometimes in an abnormal position.
[Fixed] Unexpected scrolling sometimes occurs when clicking on an item at the bottom of List views.
[Fixed] [QSpace Desktop] Cannot paste items to the selected folder from Contextual menu. PRO
[Fixed] [Advanced Batch Rename] Cannot load and display the creation and modification date of items.
[Fixed] Cannot customize the icons of archive files.
[Improved] [Server Connections] Compatibility of FTPS connections.
[Improved] [Stash Shelf] The location of floating window activated by hotkey.
[Improved] Some UI details.
[Adjusted] Preferences > Archive > Open With, select “Default Application” by default.
[New] Preferences > Habits > Name Column(List View) > “Full Display” option.
[New] Preferences > Habits > Column View Width > “Full Display” option.
[New] Preferences > Open Mode > Open to > “Current Workspace” option.
V2.9.10MAS V2.9.9
[Improved] List scrolling slowly on some systems.
[Improved] Show the current item's comments button on the bottom status bar. PRO
[Improved] Some UI details.
[Improved] The display order of opening multiple files at once.
[Fixed] The decompressed content is not updated when the archive is modified by other apps.
[Fixed] Unable to scan and recognize Wechat mini-program in dark mode. PRO
[Adjusted] Close the "Open Items by Single Click" settings temporarily.
[Adjusted] Rename Views in windows as Panes.
[New] Preferences > General > Preview Folders, Sort by "Date modified" or "Name".
[New] Preferences > Habits > Open Workspace in "Tab".
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys > Show Tab 1-9, can customize a browser-like experience.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys > Move Focus to Above/Below/Left/Right.
[QSpace Desktop] [Improved] Snap to Grid operation experience. PRO
[QSpace Desktop] [Fixed] Exception caused by dragging items across screens. PRO
[Server Connections] [Fixed] The SFTP server failed to upload multiple folders at the same time.
[Server Connections] [Fixed] WebDAV server connection failed for some custom ports.
[Server Connections] [Improved] Connecting to NFS/SMB servers supports anonymous mode.
V2.9.8MAS V2.9.7
[Batch Rename] [Fixed] Crashes when renaming in batches.
[Batch Rename] [Improved] Window size of advanced mode.
[Server Connections] [Improved] Connect to the SMB server settings, the shared folder is optional. PRO
[Server Connections] [Improved] The server automatically reconnects.
[Fixed] The list view displays abnormally.
[Fixed] File changes in some system folders are not refreshed.
[Improved] Adapt the search window to multiple screens.
[New] You can join the Beta Program now. PRO
[New] Sidebar, The contextual menu item "Open in New Window" or "Open in New Tab".
[New] Sidebar, The contextual menu item "Show in Enclosing Folder".
[New] "Get Info" Panel, Supports displaying & editing comments. PRO
[Adjusted] Preferences > Habits > Action Target, "Workspace Directory" is selected by default.
[Adjusted] Preferences > Archive > Unarchive Wrapper, "Create wrap folder if necessary" is selected by default.
V2.9.6MAS V2.9.5
[Improved] Speed up copying local folders.
[Improved] Reduce CPU usage and power consumption.
[New] French localization.
[New] German localization.
[New] Japanese localization.
[New] Sync items between folders.
[New] Sidebar, “Show Disk Available Size” option.
[New] Sidebar, hold down ctrl and click to open contextual menu.
[Fixed] Sidebar, disk sorting is automatically reset after restarting the app.
[Fixed] Preferences > General > Text Font, font list is incomplete.
[New] Preferences > General > Current View, “Rounded Corner” option.
[New] Preferences > General > Address Bar, “Expand Home Folders” option.
[New] Preferences > Habits > Open Items by, “Single Click” option.
[New] Preferences > Habits > Double Click on Tabbar, “Close Window” option.
[New] Preferences > Habits > Add Tabbed Window, “List Workspaces” option.
[New] Preferences > Folder Sync, you can add presets of Folder Sync.
[New] “Get Info” panel, display app bundle ID and app architectures. PRO
[New] “Get Info” panel, “Open using Rosetta” option.PRO
[New] “Get Info” panel, display the count of items the folder contains.PRO
[New] “Get Info” panel, the height may exceed the displayable area of ​​the screen.PRO
[New] Toolbar customization items, "Folder Sync" and "Presets of Folder Sync".
[New] Mail, support custom Toolbar item, contextual menu item and hotkey.
[New] Message, support custom Toolbar item, contextual menu item and hotkey.
[New] Send to Wechat, support custom Toolbar item, contextual menu item and hotkey.
[New] Send to QQ, support custom Toolbar item, contextual menu item and hotkey.
[New] Select image files “Convert to PDF”, support custom contextual menu item and hotkey.
[Improved] Browsing experience when setting the folder display separately.
[Improved] Quick Launch, command line file executable permission prompt. PRO
[Fixed] Unable to trigger download of iCloud folders.
[Fixed] Icon view, can't press shift to continue selection when grouping.
[Fixed] Multiple selection copied file names, cannot paste to apps such as Word.
[Fixed] When the local file name contains some special characters, it cannot be copied and pasted.
[Fixed] List view, can't drag item to folder icon.
[Fixed] Cannot display network volumes mounted by third-party apps.
[Fixed] The current path was not selected correctly when opening the search from the Columns view.
[Fixed] “Show View Options” panel, the default group by is incorrect when clicked “Use as Defaults”.
[Fixed] When add folders on iCloud to the Sidebar bookmarks, the name is displayed incorrectly.
[Fixed] When opening a folder from alias, occasionally cannot add or delete items in it.
[Server Connections] [Improved] Compatibility of connecting to Windows SFTP server.
[Server Connections] [Improved] After the network is reconnected, the connection will be refreshed automatically.
[Server Connections] [Improved] The abnormal prompt of connection failed.
[Server Connections] [Fixed] Unable to download files from Qiniu KODO and JD Cloud OSS.
[Server Connections] [Fixed] Some special characters in password cause failure when connecting to VNC server.
[Server Connections] [New] AWS S3 API, support "HTTP1 Only" option.
[Advanced Batch Rename] [Fixed] Inclusion conflict prevents renaming.
[Advanced Batch Rename] [New] Name Processors, Manual Input, load the file names.
V2.9.4MAS V2.9.3
[Fixed] Can't drag & drop to install Apps.
[Fixed] Can't load folder's view settings when opening from alias.
[Improved] Multiple file names can be pasted when copied multiple files.
[Server Connections] [Fixed] Can't drag and copy files with special characters in their names on the SFTP server.
V2.9.2MAS V2.9.1
[New] Menu Bar > View > Show / Hide Address Bar, support customize Hotkey.
[New] Rotate images to left / right, support Contextual Menu items, Toolbar items and Hotkeys.
[New] Select image files to create PDF, support Contextual Menu item and Hotkey.
[New] Show in Above / Below / Left / Right View, support Contextual Menu items and Hotkeys.
[New] Move View to Above / Below / Left / Right, support Contextual Menu items and Hotkeys.
[New] Icon size slider on the Status bar of Icons View.
[New] Supports changing the email address of account. PRO
[New] Preferences > Habits > Open Workspace in "New Window" or "Current Window".
[Improved] App running stability and startup speed.
[Improved] Opening speed of the Contextual Menu.
[Improved] The Address Bar input can automatically match the items on the Sidebar.
[Improved] Supports copying and moving iCloud remote files.
[Improved] Supports renaming iCloud remote files.
[Fixed] Can't copy files from Remote Desktop apps.
[Fixed] Select multiple files to open at once, some files are ignored.
[Fixed] Create new file, the modified date is not correct sometimes.
[Fixed] The icon of "Show Hidden Files" on the Toolbar is displayed incorrectly.
[Adjusted] Status bar switch that applies only to the current window.
[Server Connections] [Fixed] Some icons of files are displayed incorrectly.
[Server Connections] [Fixed] Can't download some files on the SFTP server.
[Server Connections] [Fixed] The available space on SMB server is incorrect.
[Server Connections] [Fixed] Refresh the folder (CMD + R) and prompt for file updates if there are new updates.
[QSpace Desktop] [New] Sort By > Snap to Grid. PRO
[QSpace Desktop] [Improved] The arrangement area of the icons. PRO
V2.8.14MAS V2.8.13
[Fixed] Context Menu Item > "Open With" list is occasionally empty.
[Fixed] Can't open the window which is minimized to the App icon on the Dock Bar.
[Fixed] Crash when decompressing some rar files.
[Fixed] Double click the header of List View occasionally exception.
[Fixed] Can't open the minimized Tabby window. PRO
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Create folder in Column View is not automatically refreshed.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] The Quick Look does not work.
[Improved] [QSpace Desktop] Click when holding the control key, can popup the Contextual Menu. PRO
[Improved] Support more hotkeys in the Search Window.
[Improved] Group items by application.
[New] Preferences > Habits > Press Delete: Go Enclosing Folder.
[New] Preferences > Habits > Quit QSpace: Prompt Confirmation.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys > Quick Launch.
[New] Preferences > Context Menu > Quick Launch.
V2.8.12MAS V2.8.11
[Fixed] Crashes occasionally.
[Fixed] Can't go to sub folders on the Address Bar when browsing archive files.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Edited files sync conflict on Dropbox.
V2.8.10MAS V2.8.9
[Fixed] Can't start on macOS 10.14 and earlier systems.
[New] Copy & move items to the Above, Below, Left or Right Views, support customize Contextual Menu Items and Hotkeys.
[New] Add tags using hotkeys (ctrl + 1 to 7 by default), support customize Hotkeys.
V2.8.8MAS V2.8.7
[Fixed] Some crashes.
[Fixed] After the selections are deleted, the next item is not automatically selected.
[Fixed] Click the App icon can't show the window when only free workspaces exist.
[Fixed] The UI got stuck when opening remote files in the OneDrive's local folder.
[Fixed] When set other app as the default "Open With" app, it can't display. PRO
[Fixed] The "Lock" checkbox on the "Get Info" panel. PRO
[Fixed] When moving files, replacing failed caused original file lost.
[Fixed] The "Desktop", "Documents" folders not show in the iCloud folder on some systems.
[Fixed] Can't open the Hyper or Tabby terminal on some systems. PRO
[Improved] Can display the dimensions of images under bundle folders.
[Improved] Drag & drop emails from the Mail app as "eml" files.
[Improved] The experience of Address Bar.
[Improved] The display name of third app's iCloud folder on the Side Bar.
[New] Preferences > Habits > Operation Confirmation of Drag & Drop Items.
[New] Preferences > General > Address Bar, Truncate the Head or Tail.
[New] When drag items hover folder for some seconds, you can enter the folder.
[New] Move or Copy items to the other view, support customize Contextual Menu Item and Hotkey.
[New] [Server Connections] Support to view the entered password. PRO
V2.8.6MAS V2.8.5
[Fixed] Customized icons lost when copy folders.
[Fixed] The width of column does not remain when changing locations in the Columns View.
[Fixed] The task progress in the task window does not automatically refresh.
[Fixed] Open Tabby terminal compatible with Chinese locations. PRO
[Fixed] When switching back to QSpace, the orders of windows are occasionally changed.
[Fixed] When modifying the file name, the Chinese input method occasionally displays abnormally.
[Fixed] On the Get Info panel, it is not refreshed after changing the owner. PRO
[Fixed] Some file names cannot be searched.
[Fixed] The number of subitems of folder can't be displayed in Columns View.
[Improved] File replacing operations when file names conflict.
[Improved] Adjust icon size of items in Icons View.
[Improved] The display of the Address Bar.
[Improved] Prefabricated new file templates support local languages.
[New] Side Bar > "Finder Tags" group, can automatically sync from Finder.
[New] Lock the Address Bar.
[New] Supports access from AppleScript.
[New] Apply to all "Keep Checked" options when file names conflict.
[New] Prompt for confirmation when quitting with unfinished tasks.
[New] Supports drag & drop emails from the Mail app as "eml" files.
[New] Preferences > Switch of "Default Workspace".
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys > "Quit QSpace" & "Close All".
[Fixed] Preferences > Habits > "Bring to active space" does not work.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Preferences > Connections, connect to Google drive need re-auth.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Hidden files on WebDAV server display with incorrect state.
[Improved] [Server Connections] When automatic recognize the charset of FTP server fails, prompt to select it manually.
[Improved] [Server Connections] After the file is modified and saved, it will be automatically uploaded.
[New] [Server Connections] WebDAV server supports setting the file types to open as streaming medias.
[New] [Server Connections] Show the cache size.
[New] [Server Connections] Manually & automatically clean the cache.
[New] [Server Connections] Supports "Open in Browser" on GoogleDrive & OneDrive items.
[New] [Server Connections] Holding the Command key click the blank of the Address Bar, can select the path part.
[New] [Server Connections] QSpace Menu > Go > Go to Path.
V2.8.4MAS V2.8.3
[Fixed] Tags lost when copy files cross disks.
[Fixed] Preferences > Open Mode > Open to selected "workspace" is invalid.
[Fixed] Can't access folders with archive suffixes.
[Fixed] Title of tabs in the window are incorrect when restart QSpace.
[Fixed] New file settings can't export & import correctly sometimes.
[Fixed] In the Columns View, the column width auto increasing slightly due to a selection change.
[Improved] Show the latest added or modified images in the perspective thumbnails of folders.
[Improved] Side preview of remote files in the Columns View.
[New] Preferences > General > Choose "Text Font".
[New] Preferences > General > Switch of show "Size of selections".
[New] Preferences > Habits > Switch of "Popup Task Window".
[New] Preferences > Functions page.
[New] Preferences > Invitations page. PRO
[New] Get Info > Select and edit item icon. PRO
[New] Get Info > Auto calculate and display the size of folder. PRO
[New] Customizable Toolbar items for all the window layout types.
[New] Support open in Tabby terminal. PRO
[New] Settings of external disk Sidebar eject button confirmation.
[Improved] [Stash Shelf] Can drag files without active the float window firstly.
[Improved] [Stash Shelf] After shaking out the float window, auto hide if nothing dropped.
[Adjusted] [Stash Shelf] Preferences > Habits > "Auto Hide Stash Shelf" default is on.
[Fixed] [Enhanced Archiver] Files are not complete when drag to extract folders.
[Fixed] [Enhanced Archiver] Prompt to enter the password when previewing encrypted archives.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Connect to Amazon S3 failed.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Copy file to remote server with name conflicted caused crashes.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Download files from Google Drive with redundant IDs in filenames.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Google Drive Address Bar display redundant file IDs.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Can't display creation time nor modified time of files on Google Drive.
V2.8.2MAS V2.8.1
[Fixed] Can't reveal folders in QSpace with "open" command.
[Fixed] Show folders in QSpace from other apps, paths occasionally display garbled characters.
[Fixed] The default application for some files does not display correctly.
[Fixed] Can't customize contextual menu items.
[New] Hold command key and click on the Sidebar folders can open in new windows or tabs.
[Improved] [Server Connections] FTP server charset automatic recognition.
[Improved] Get Info for disks, show Format, Capacity, Available, Used and Case Sensitive.PRO
[Improved] Alert error when copying or moving files to a disk that exceeds the maximum file size.
[New] [Invitations] You can enter invitation code during purchase.
[New] [Invitations] Invite users to get cash rewards.
[New] [Invitations] Bind account to the Wechat Mini Program, and withdraw rewards to Wechat balance.
[New] Show Inspector, supports custom contextual menu item and hotkey.
[New] Hold down "cmd" and click folders on Address Bar, can open in new windows or tabs.
[Fixed] [QSpace Desktop] Files are not refreshed occasionally.
[Fixed] Folder size is not correct on the bottom Status Bar.
[Fixed] The Toolbar is not visible by default.
[Fixed] Tags list on Sidebar is empty by default.
[Fixed] The Contextual Menu can't callout sometimes.
[Fixed] The width of columns can't be recovery in List Views.
[Fixed] Get Info, use QSpace window.
[Improved] Conflict prompt when copying or moving files.
[Improved] [Server Connections] FTP server charset automatic recognition.
[Adjusted] [Server Connections] Go to default browser when connecting Dropbox.
V2.7.6MAS V2.7.5
[Fixed] File Labels can't display on macOS 12.
[Fixed] Icons & Labels display on Tool Bar can't be set.
[Fixed] Can't import icons of Contextual Menu Items.
[Fixed] Some files default App is incorrect displayed.
[New] "Show View Options", default hotkey is cmd+j.
[New] [QSpace Desktop] "Show View Options" settings, set icon size and items spacing.PRO
[Improved] [QSpace Desktop] Cleanup items display.PRO
[Improved] [QSpace Desktop] Adjust item position when screen resolution is changed.PRO
[New] Display remaining time of file operation to be finished.
[New] Contextual Menu Item, Always Open With.PRO
[New] Contextual Menu Item option pair, Open With & Always Open With.PRO
[New] Contextual Menu Item option pair, Copy & Copy Path.
[New] Contextual Menu Item option pair, Quick Look & Instant SlideShow.
[New] Contextual Menu Item option pair, Trash & Delete Directly.
[New] Drag local files hold down cmd + option to create alias files.
[New] Hold down cmd and double click a folder can open it in a new window or tab.
V2.7.4MAS V2.7.3
[New] [QSpace Desktop] Sort by none, and the files can be moved freely.PRO
[New] [QSpace Desktop] Supports multiple displays.PRO
[New] [QSpace Desktop] Contextual Menu Item > Clean Up.PRO
[New] [Server Connections] Supports IPv6 connection to FTP / SFTP / WebDAV servers.
[New] Supports dragging files to the segmented folder in the Address Bar.
[Improved] [Server Connections] When upload files to AS3 or QCloud COS servers, add MIME types.
[Fixed] [QSpace Desktop] Keep the desktop visible when hiding apps.PRO
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Connect to SFTP server, on the right side of the Address Bar, "Open in Terminal" no response.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Delete symbolic links exception on SFTP server.
[Fixed] [Enhanced Archiver] Added "ipa", "deb" or "apk" to supported archive extensions, browsing the archive is empty.
[Fixed] [Enhanced Archiver] When decompress encrypted archives directly, there is no password input prompt.
[Fixed] [Enhanced Archiver] Status display on decompressing targets.
[Fixed] The preview of Column views occasionally displays exceptions.
[Fixed] Can't drag files from HandShaker / Bandizip to QSpace.
[Fixed] Setting the icon size is invalid for the new workspace window.
[Fixed] Black screen appears when full screen batch renaming.
[Fixed] When calculating all sizes is enabled, the size of the selected items in the bottom status bar displays incorrect.
V2.7.2MAS V2.7.1
[New] [QSpace Desktop] Preferences > Open Mode > Show Desktop.PRO
[New] Supports select match name or text content when searching.
[New] Preferences > Search Settings page.
[New] Preferences > Search > Customize Type Filters.
[New] Sidebar supports adding app as a bookmark and you can drag files onto apps to open them.
[New] Sidebar supports adding files as bookmarks.
[New] "Expand All" in List View, support to customize hotkey, contextual menu item and Toolbar item.
[New] "Collapse All" in List View, support to customize hotkey, contextual menu item and Toolbar item.
[New] [Server Connections] Support Upyun cloud storage.
[Improved] [Server Connections] SFTP file copy operation.
[Improved] [Server Connections] After the connection settings are changed, prompt to update the relevant bookmarks.
[Improved] When switching back to a Columns View, keep the columns expansion state.
[Improved] Actions on search result list responds to hotkeys.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Cannot drag and drop remote folders to the Sidebar to add them as bookmarks.
[Fixed] Some icons cannot be displayed in the Quick Menu of Address Bar.
[Fixed] Multi-tab window, reopening the application can not be restored.
[Fixed] Abnormal focus when activating the Address Bar.
[Fixed] Contextual menu items of "Service".
[Fixed] Dragging and dropping web images on macOS 10.14 has some seconds delay.
[Fixed] Trash files at the first time on external disk, the Trash bin does not refresh.PRO
V2.6.8MAS V2.6.7
[Fixed] Preferences > "Default Group by" do not take effect.
[Fixed] Some file sizes are displayed abnormally.
[Fixed] Cannot enter the specified folder when opened from outside QSpace.
[Fixed] When the date is changed, grouping by date is displayed abnormally.
[Fixed] Occasionally display exception when editing file name.
[Fixed] Unable to drag images from Firefox web pages to QSpace.
[Fixed] The trash locations of internal disks are incorrect.
[Fixed] Contextual menu item > "Open With" application list.
[Fixed] The workspace hotkey unset global recovered after restart QSpace.
[Fixed] Focus auto jumps when opening multi-view window.
V2.6.6MAS V2.6.5
[New] [Server Connections] Support for GoogleDrive.
[New] Preferences > Habits > Named Window Title, you can set "Include folder names".
[New] Preferences > Habits > Select Navigate Source: When go back or forward, set the relevant folder to be selected.
[New] Preferences > Palette, preset colors can be used for sidebar accent colors or Icon View background colors.
[New] Toggle alternating row background colors of Columns View.
[New] Toggle alternating row background colors of List View.
[New] Icons View supports custom background color or background image.
[New] Custom "Download Now" contextual menu item of iCloud files.
[New] Individually set folder display, toggle from the bottom status bar button.
[New] Top window menu bar > View > Hide/Show Side Statusbar.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] OneDrive file list cannot display more than 200 entries.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] AliCloud OSS file download occasionally crashes.
[Fixed] Can't open sftp folder in iTerm occasionally.PRO
[Fixed] Occasionally browsing archive content is empty.
[Fixed] The sidebar bookmarks icon blinks when switching folders.
[Fixed] Abnormal selection item focus when the expands folders in List View.
[Fixed] Files in the archive cannot be opened directly by double-clicking.
[Fixed] Prompted for password when extracting encrypted archives.
[Fixed] Crashes when renaming folders on sidebar bookmarks.
[Fixed] Click on the preview content in Columns View, the window stuck switching to show for seconds.
[Improved] [Stash Shelf] Show floating window above full screen windows.
[Improved] [Stash Shelf] Floating window does not automatically activate other QSpace windows.
[Improved] [Server Connections] FTP connection automatically reconnect after timeout caused disconnection.
[Improved] Columns View navigating back and forward experience.
[Improved] Columns View address bar navigating experience.
[Improved] Avoid time machine disks being displayed in the "Location" group on the Sidebar.
V2.6.4MAS V2.6.3
[New] [Server Connections] Support Dropbox.
[New] [Server Connections] Execute SFTP remote commands (bottom status bar button).
[New] Preferences > Habits > Hide File Ext Name.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] OneDrive file preview and download exceptions.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Support OneDrive multiple accounts (macOS 10.13 and above).
[Fixed] [Server Connections] FTP file download cancellation caused exception.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Open SFTP path on terminal with non-default port.PRO
[Fixed] Sidebar "Locations" group item order adjustment cannot be saved.
[Fixed] Occasionally crashes on extensions window.
[Fixed] Cannot drag and drop files from HandShaker to QSpace.
[Improved] Support browsing APFS format Time Machine backup files.
[Improved] Localization of some folder names on the address bar.
[Improved] Character encoding recognition in archives.
[Improved] Prompt the relative programs which caused unable to eject the disk.
[Improved] Multiple folders can be opened at once from Terminal and Hyper terminals.PRO
V2.6.2MAS V2.6.1
[New] [Server Connections] Support QCloud COS.
[New] [Server Connections] Support Huawei Cloud OBS.
[New] [Server Connections] Support JDCloud OSS.
[New] [Server Connections] Support Qiniu KODO.
[New] [Server Connections] Support MINIO and other S3-compatible servers.
[New] [Server Connections] Supports managing shared folders saved to your OneDrive drive.
[New] Preferences > Custom Icons > Support setting file icons with specified extensions to not show backdrop.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys > File Menu > "Tags..." .
[Fixed] Set tags for readonly items.PRO
[Fixed] Custom hotkeys cannot be set to F1-F12.
[Fixed] Interface refreshes abnormally after successfully mounting a disk on an already opened path.
[Fixed] Double-click on blank of window title bar does not respond.
[Fixed] Menu item "Show All Tabs" is not responding on BigSur.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Cannot rename files on SMB and AFP servers.
[Improved] [Server Connections] Some experience details.
[Improved] [Server Connections] More file properties in "Get Info" of OneDrive files.
[Improved] [Advanced Batch Rename] Highlight the conflicting items.
[Improved] Show hidden file menu items on the context menu that pops up in the margin.
[Adjusted] Use default application to open jar files.
V2.5.6MAS V2.5.5
[Fixed] Unable to open to specified folder sometimes from external.
[Fixed] Cannot adjust column width in Columns view automatically.
[Fixed] Cannot adjust width of name column in List view automatically.
[Fixed] The system's mounted SMB server cannot be displayed in the Sidebar "Location" group.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Can't open remote folder when connected SMB server from the Sidebar.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Clicking on the root node of the address bar in the Columns view is stuck.
[Improved] [Server Connections] OneDrive connection stability.
[New] Folder sync browsing in multiple views, switch button at the bottom status bar.
V2.5.4MAS V2.5.3
[New] Support binding account, you can upgrade to QSpace Pro.MAS
[New] Preferences > Habits > Name Column(List View): Adapt Width Automatically.
[New] Column View Width can be set to "Adapt Automatically".
[New] Support Chinese Pinyin matching for address bar input.
[New] Customizable context menu item "Refresh View".
[New] Show in New Window, customizable context menu item and hotkey.
[New] Show in New Tab, customizable context menu item and hotkey.
[New] Preferences > Open Mode > Open to, "New Tab".
[Improved] Big Sur interface details.
[Improved] Support to open SSH folders in the terminal.PRO
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Crashes when downloading large files from Aliyun OSS.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Can't find some paths of Aliyun OSS.
[Fixed] Can't restore List View column widths properly.
[Fixed] Abnormal drag-and-drop operation in read-only folders.
[Fixed] Folders in free workspace window can't be present in Activate Folders.
[Fixed] Archived file name exception.
[Fixed] Show in View caused crashes.
[Fixed] Renaming operation exception in iCloud Folders.
[Fixed] Crashes when set hotkey on macOS 10.12.
[Fixed] Reveal in QSpace, cannot open the corresponding folder.
[Fixed] Preferences > Export fails.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] SMB server occasionally connects abnormally.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] OneDrive occasionally fails to display folder contents.
[New] Preferences > Context Menu, customize item icons.
[Improved] Remember default icon size for different view types.
[Improved] Preferences > Context Menu, Separator.
[Improved] Save changes when editing tag focus disappears.
[Improved] Address Bar edit mode activation click area.
[Improved] Some interface details.
[New] [Server Connections] Support connecting to Amazon S3.
[New] [Server Connections] Support connecting to Aliyun OSS.
[New] Sidebar, you can set accent color for bookmark items. (Support macOS10.14 and above)
[New] Sidebar, you can set accent color for bookmark groups. (Support macOS10.14 and above)
[New] [Advanced Batch Rename] Context menu item: Quick Rename.
[New] Preferences > Import & Export of all data.
[New] Preferences > General > Sidebar icon size, can be set to Small, Medium or Big.
[New] Preferences > General > Color Icon option for Address Bar.
[New] Preferences > Habits > Column view width inherit previous.
[New] Preferences > Habits > Sidebar Icon Version: BigSur or OSX.
[New] Preferences > Habits > Sound Effect Version: BigSur or OSX.
[New] Preferences > Batch Rename.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys > Merge All Windows.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys > Move Tabs to New Window.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys > Show Previous Tab.
[New] Preferences > Hotkeys > Show Next Tab.
[New] Columns view, new column inherit the width of the previous column.
[New] Columns view, support setting default width of column.
[New] Columns view, reopen workspace to restore columns' width.
[New] Context Menu supports adding third-party application services.
[New] Icons view, row spacing and column spacing settings.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] BigSur system, when copying files to smb folder, extra temporary folder is created.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Unable to connect to some FTP servers (e.g. Aliyun virtual host FTP).
[Fixed] Columns view items are occasionally displayed repeatedly.
[Fixed] Columns view, when expanding a folder, the address bar occasionally fails to display the expand button.
[Fixed] Context Menu, cannot display localized name of service items.
[Fixed] Abnormal focus when switching address bar.
[Fixed] Occasional crashes when updating files.
[Fixed] Unable to drag and drop items from Icons view when the window is not in the forefront.
[Fixed] Some third-party services cannot be displayed in Service submenu of Context Menu.
[Improved] File copy speed of AFPS disk on the same volume.
[Improved] Columns view, navigation keeps expanded column items.
[Improved] Icons view, file operation progress display.
[Improved] File operation conflict display of the same name.
[Improved] Alert one error for batch file operations when server disconnected.
[Improved] On the Task Status list, you can cancel all tasks with one click.
[Improved] Some file operations cause interface jamming.
[Improved] The minimum width of different types of views is consistent.
[Improved] Quick Look response time.
[Improved] Item operations in Workspace list.
[Improved] BigSur can start Quick Look after setting three finger taps in System Preferences.
[Improved] Adapt System Preferences three finger taps start Quick Look on BigSur.
[Improved] Toolbar height on BigSur.
[Improved] Show more information on the side preview of Columns view.
[Improved] Calculate package file size automatically.
[Improved] Customize the icon of Quick Launch items.
[Improved] Recognized more file extensions.
[Adjusted] Workspace list, single click to open workspace.
[Adjusted] The hotkey of "Show Workspace" can toggle window's visibility.
[Fixed] Holding "option" can not expand all subitems in List View.
[Fixed] Cannot move or delete symbolic link files when destination does not exist.
[Fixed] List View items occasionally show exceptions when "Calculate all sizes" is turned on.
[Fixed] Columns View width cannot be restored when reopening Workspace.
[Fixed] Group title on Sidebar is not clear.
[Fixed] List View items in Home folder occasionally disorder.
[Fixed] Cannot create new items in the Alias folders.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Cannot connect some SFTP servers.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Some SFTP file permissions error.
[Fixed] [Stash Shelf] Cannot drag links in web page to the Shelf.
[Improved] [Advanced Batch Rename] Name range operation, support "Keep" and "Discard" options.
[Improved] [Stash Shelf] Expand the list of items, double-click the item to open it.
[Adjusted] [Server Connections] Cannot edit connected configurations.
[New] Preferences > Habits > Shake Sensitivity.
[New] Custom Context Menu Item: Custom Icon.
[New] Preferences > Custom Icon.
[New] Preferences > General > Default Group by.
[New] [Server Connections] OneDrive option: "Show Thumbnails".
[New] [Stash Shelf] Service: Add to Stash Shelf.
[New] [Stash Shelf] System "Share Menu" extension: Add to Stash Shelf.
[Fixed] The selection status is abnormal when expanding folders in List View.
[Fixed] The window name of the free workspace under the Columns View is not refreshed.
[Improved] When creating a new item in the Columns View with Context Menu item, to create it in the relevant folder.
[Fixed] Occasional crash when updating files in Icons view.
[Fixed] A black screen appears when creating a new tab in full screen mode.
[Fixed] When customizing Toolbar items on BigSur, UI displays abnormally.
[Fixed] [Stash Shelf] Displaying on the Sidebar is incomplete.
[Fixed] "Move view to" works incorrectly.
[Fixed] The scope button on search window displays abnormally.
[Improved] Select by key pressing, support Chinese pinyin mode.
[Improved] Select by key pressing, support Chinese first letter mode.
[Improved] Select by key pressing, holding shift to reverse the match direction.
[Improved] Double-click the column separator to adapt the width in List view.
[Improved] [Server Connections] Identify soft links in sftp and ftp.
[Improved] When popping up the Context menu to create files on blank, create file into the workspace folder.
[Improved] Avoid automatically triggering the download of cloud files when opening the local OneDrive folder.
[Improved] Preferences > Habits > File Ext Recognition, toggle whether verify with Associated App.
[Improved] Preferences > New file.
[Improved] Preferences > Permissions.
[Improved] When grouping, alias files are grouped according to the original type.
[New] Invert Select, support custom Context menu item and hotkey.
[New] Decompress to..., support custom Context menu item and hotkey.
[New] [Advanced Batch Rename] Batch input file names operation.
[New] Support displaying archive comments on the bottom status bar.
[New] Support displaying file comments in archive on the bottom status bar.
[Adjusted] Reveal in QSpace, default shortcut key: cmd+shift+s.
[Adjusted] [Server Connections] The sftp connection remote path defaults to the user's home path.
[Adapted] macOS BigSur.
[Adapted] Apple Silicon.
[Fixed] Preview window in Columns View keeps flickering on macOS BigSur.
[Fixed] Some WebDAV servers are connected abnormally.
[Fixed] Crashes due to disk IO read and write exceptions.
[Fixed] Crashes on macOS 10.13 and before when app exits.
[Fixed] Black screen phenomenon when switching full screen windows.
[Fixed] The scrolling status is abnormal due to the selection, when expand folders in List View.
[Fixed] The creation date of files displayed abnormally on macOS BigSur.
[Improved] New File setting: pre-create empty documents for common types such as Numbers, Keynote, Pages, PowerPoint, Word, Excel.
[Improved] New File setting: Expand new file items in Context Menu.
[Improved] New File setting: Show new file item icon in Context Menu.
[Improved] New File setting: Display the size of the template file.
[Improved] New File setting: Filter types when choosing template files.
[Improved] When the file renaming is toggling the hidden attributes, confirm the prompt.
[Improved] Drag and drop files to label items on Sidebar, you can directly label the file.
[Adjusted] When closing the Stash Shelf floating window, don't automatically display on Sidebar.
[New] Selected picture can set as desktop background. Can be customized in Context Menu, Toolbar and TouchBar.
[New][advanced batch rename] Intercept name range operation.
[New][advanced batch rename] Name case conversion operation.
[New][enhanced archiver] Archive Settings > Unarchiving: Create wrap folder if necessary.
[Fixed] Cannot launch normally on some systems.
[Fixed] Some occasionally crashes.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Non-ASCII characters in SMB path are displayed abnormally.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] SFTP connection occasionally has read and write exceptions.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] WebDAV multiple path cannot be used at the same time.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] After file operations, the interface was not refreshed in time.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] The remote folder brief information shows "empty".
[Fixed] [Server Connections] When opened remote folder is deleted, connection shows abnormal after restarting.
[Improved] [Server Connections] Support simultaneous connection of OneDrive multiple accounts.
[Improved] [Server Connections] Support connecting to OneDrive China regional cloud.
[Fixed] [Enhanced Archiver] When dragging and dropping encrypted files from archives, the password is prompted.
[Improved] [Enhanced Archiver] You can double-click to open archives in search results.
[Fixed] During the renaming process, the undo and cancel operations were abnormal.
[Fixed] When switching between light and dark mode, and the folder icon is displayed abnormally.
[Fixed] When revealing files in the Icons View, it doesn't scroll to the selected items.
[Fixed] When copying files from a folder, other items cannot be copied from it at the same time.
[Fixed] When renaming a new folder in List view, the input text cannot be displayed occasionally.
[Improved] [Stash Shelf] Show remove and reveal buttons when mouse hovered items in the expand list.
[Improved] [Stash Shelf] You can set a global hotkey to call out the floating window.
[Improved] The icons in the pop-up menu of the Address Bar is consistent with icons of the Sidebar items.
[Improved] Full-screen window operation experience, such as Preferences, Hash values window, etc.
[Improved] Experience of workspace menu, and support the arrow keys to select and open the workspace.
[Improved] You can set a global hotkey to create a new workspace window.
[Improved] When entered the file address in the address bar, open the folder and select the file.
[Adjustment] "Start Path" is change to "Start Location".
[New] Setting: When copying the path, escape spaces and backslashes.
[New] Copy URL, support Toolbar item and Touch Bar item.
[New] Copy Path, support Toolbar item and Touch Bar item.
[New] Show in View, support setting hotkey and Toolbar item.
[New] Setting: The default icon size of new workspace.
[New] Hotkey setting: Go to Start Location.
[New] [Enhanced Archiver] Support decompression zip, 7z, rar and more than 20 compression formats.
[New] [Enhanced Archiver] Support directly opening archives for browsing, previewing and decompression.
[New] [Enhanced Archiver] Support archive files to 7z format.
[New] [Enhanced Archiver] Support ignoring temporary files, hidden files or .git, .svn folders when archiving.
[New] [Enhanced Archiver] Support setting archive encryption password.
[New] [Enhanced Archiver] Support multiple-volumes archive.
[New] [Enhanced Archiver] Support keeping passwords for decompressing archives.
[New] [Enhanced Archiver] Support ignoring temporary files, hidden files or .git, .svn folders when unarchiving.
[New] [Server Connections] Support OneDrive for Business.
[New] [Server Connections] Support VNC remote desktop.
[New] Toolbar items: Compress and Decompress.
[New] Touch Bar items: Compress and Decompress.
[New] Settings > Hotkeys: Decompress.
[New] Context menu item: Decompress.
[New] Settings > General > Current View: Highlight Address Bar.
[New] Settings > Habits: Auto Connect Servers.
[New] Settings > Habits: Select Target Items: Moved, Duplicated, Copied, Archived, Unarchived.
[New] Settings > Habits > show selections in name of "Context Menu Item".
[New] List view can show file comment column.
[New] Quick Launch, support running command line programs.
[New] Settings > General, Perspective picture and video folders.
[New] Tutorials entrance.
[Improved] [Server Connections] Speed up SFTP file uploading.
[Improved] Speed up folder switching.
[Improved] Settings > Habits: Search "exclude" after special characters.
[Improved] Display the full path of the conflicted files, in the file conflicting window.
[Improved] Inactive view brightness settings respond immediately.
[Improved] When opening a network folder, occasional hangs occur.
[Improved] Appearance of Status Bar in dark mode.
[Improved] Settings command for open mode.
[Improved] QSpace permission setting instructions.
[Improved] Support the hidden option when the application starts.
[Improved] The server connected in Finder is displayed in the "Location" group on Sidebar.
[Fixed] The files in the List View occasionally shows duplication and confusion.
[Fixed] The border of current view cannot be displayed on macOS 10.13 and earlier systems.
[Fixed] Black blocks occasionally appears on macOS 10.13 and earlier systems.
[Fixed] Task list, the progress is not refreshed after task is finished.
[Fixed] Hotkey's global options are lost after restart.
[Fixed] When starting QSpace externally, ignore the last workspace window.
[Fixed] Double-click cannot continuously respond in the blank area of Icons view.
[Fixed] Cannot cancel Quick Look occasionally by pressing Space key.
[Fixed] [Stash Shelf] When renaming or hashing, the file does not exist abnormally.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] After the SSH/FTP server is offline, the connection displays abnormally.
[Fixed] If the width of the Columns view is not enough, the column cannot be made wider.
[Fixed] When calculating all sizes is turned on, the calculated folder size is not updated after file changes.
[Fixed] Some folder icons occasionally display abnormally.
[Fixed] When cutting or moving files, it occasionally displays abnormalities.
[Fixed] Cannot move or copy files to an alias folder in Columns view.
[Fixed] Columns view, the interface is not refreshed after files in the alias folder are deleted.
[Fixed] Expand alias folders in Columns view, the expanded state cannot be restored after restarting.
[Fixed] The system disk displays abnormally under the /Volumes folder.
[Fixed] The server connected in Finder conflicts with the in-app connection, resulting in normal access.
[Fixed] Refresh the disk available size on Status bar, after files are added or deleted.
[New] [Server Connections] Support connect to OneDrive.
[New] [Server Connections] Support connect to the same server with different users simultaneously.
[New] Support adjusting the brightness of inactive view.
[Fixed] [Server Connection] Mounting smb path with Non-ASCII characters crashed.
[Fixed] The interface display error occasionally.
[Fixed] It freezes when accessing the local OneDrive folder.
[Fixed] Unable to drag and drop smb files to Finder.
[Fixed] Cannot rename the files in the tag folder.
[Fixed] When opening the dmg file on the external disk, the disk cannot be ejected.
[Fixed] Drag and drop the name column of the List view, causing the interface to display abnormally.
[Improved] Improve the stability of program running.
[Improved] Improve the app list of the "Open With" menu.
[Improved] Identify pxd, oplx file types.
[Improved] Recognize docx, csv file grouping.
[Improved] Experience of Advanced Batch Rename.
[Improved] Icons of server connections.
[Fixed] SMB server available space calculate wrong, resulting in unable to copy files.
[Fixed] Copy folder from Server to Local, expand button disappeared in List view.
[Fixed] File copy speed display is not accurate.
[Fixed] Copy files to SMB server, can't replace file when conflicted.
[Fixed] Can't remove some not empty folders on FTP servers.
[Improved] Complete the "Open With" menu items of Context Menu.
[Improved] The address bar icon.
[Improved] Select the items after duplicated.
[New] Free mode of workspace window.
[New] Custom hotkeys for switching layout.
[New] Workspace hotkeys, support setting to in-app or global mode.
[New] Sidebar supports color icons.
[New] Context menu, "ascending" and "descending" items in "Sort By" menu.
[New] Show speed in file operation task list.
[New] Alert the target disk space is insufficient, when copying files.
[Fixed] Some crashes on some devices.
[Fixed] The file list occasionally displays incorrect.
[Fixed] Drag alias file to the address bar, can't display real path.
[Fixed] When List View is displayed in groups, the icon size slider at the bottom is unresponsive.
[Fixed] When the file name edit box is displayed all the time, the text is not displayed completely.
[Fixed] When copying an empty folder, the operation cannot be completed.
[Fixed] Can't remove the default hotkeys.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Connect to some FTP servers caused interface stucking.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] The FTP server connection is automatically disconnected.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Cross-server file replication is abnormal.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] When connecting to sftp through the root user, the permissions are insufficient.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Connect in error when remember password is not checked.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Duplicated the connect settings when changing the port.
[Fixed] Can't show iCloud files on Desktop folder.
[Adjusted] [Settings] Open to "New Workspace" change to "New Window".
[Adjusted] Create a new workspace tab, the default shortcut key is cmd+t.
[Adjusted] Create a new workspace, the default setting is "free mode".
[Improved] [Stash Shelf] Batch rename operation.
[Improved] Copy files are compatible with text boxes, which can be pasted as file names.
[Improved] File name editing.
[Improved] When the view loses focus, the rename operation is automatically completed.
[Improved] After opening the folder and changing the name, refresh the view.
[Improved] Hotkey settings, support single "option" key modifier.
[Fixed] Click the selected item's name cannot start renaming in List View and Columns View.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Some FTP servers cannot connect and crashes when connecting.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] Can't delete folders on some FTP servers.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] FTP server with customized port connection is abnormal.
[Fixed] [Server Connections] When enter the server from the sidebar, the remote path is not updated.
[Fixed] Abnormal prompt after the SMB shared file is saved.
[Fixed] Folder icon is lost after dragging files in Icons View.
[Fixed] When renaming, Chinese input method result is abnormal by pressing Enter.
[Optimized] Improve items loading speed, especially in Icons View.
[Adjusted] [Stash Shelf] Stash shelf close button on top of Sidebar.
[Adjusted] [Stash Shelf] Reduce the sensitivity of dragging and shaking gestures.
[New] [Server Connections] One server address can save multiple servers of the same type with different ports.
[New] Sidebar context menu entry button at the bottom right corner of the Sidebar.
[New] Record chose recent search path and its Settings (default 5 items).
[Fixed] New files or folders cannot be created under the Desktop, Download and Document folders.
[Fixed] SFTP key file without password cannot be authenticated correctly.
[Fixed] Crashes when connecting SFTP server.
[Improved] Keywords "and", "or", "exclude" operation when searching.
[Server Connections] Added SFTP protocol to support key file login.
[Server Connections] Added FTP/FTPS protocol to support automatic character encoding detection.
[Server Connections] Added WebDAV/WebDAV HTTPS protocol.
[Server Connections] Optimize related settings page and incorporate preference settings.
[Server Connections] Added editing connection's display name.
[Server Connections] Added automatic server connection.
[Server Connections] Added QuickLook preview of remote files.
[Server Connections] Added "Display profile" page for remote files.
[Server Connections] Add remote file copy, move, copy and delete operations.
[Server Connections] Added refresh button for remote address bar (default shortcut: cmd+r).
[Server Connections] Added login status button in remote address bar.
[Group By] Added grouping items of Icons view, List view and Columns view.
[Group By] Added grouping by Kind, Size, Modification date, Addition date, Creation date, and Application.
[Sidebar] Added new bookmark group.
[Sidebar] Added bookmark group name modification.
[Sidebar] Added drag and drop sorting grouping and grouping items.
[Sidebar] Added shortcut entry for Context menu item of "Common", "Recent", "Tags" and "iCloud" items.
[Sidebar] Cancel the settings page, and related settings can be completed through the Context menu.
[Context menu] Optimized user experience of related settings.
[Context menu] Added "Copy URL".
[Context menu] Added "Show in View".
[Context menu] Added "Group By".
[Context menu] Added "Remove Download" to remove downloaded iCloud files.
[Context menu] Added a preview of the date expression of the "New File" file name.
[Habits Settings] Added "Press Delete" response setting item.
[Habits Settings] Added "Press ForwardDelete" response setting item.
[Habits Settings] Added "Defaults" key press response setting button.
[Habits Settings] Added "macOS Style" key press response setting button.
[Habits Settings] Added "Windows Style" key press response setting button.
[Habits Settings] Added "Keep List View Expands" setting item.
[Habits Settings] Added "Split Search Keywords" setting item.
[Habits Settings] Added "File Size 1K Equals" setting item.
[Habits Settings] Added the setting item "Task progress on Logo".
[Permission Settings] Added permission setting page to optimize permission grant experience.
[Quick Launch] Added $selections_or_root variable.
[Hotkeys] Added "Search Global Hotkey" to call the search window outside the QSpace application.
[Archive] Optimized to background non-blocking task mode.
[Archive] Added "Ignore .git folders" setting item.
[Archive] Added "Ignore .svn folders" setting item.
[Archive] Added "Ignore hidden files and folders" setting item.
[Archive] Added "Trim original extension when archiving single file" setting item.
[Search] Added split keywords for merge search, the default separator is whitespace.
[Search] Added window state settings: floating (default), normal, always on top.
[Search] Added display tag icons in the result list.
[Search] Added "Edit Tag" in the Context menu of the result list.
[Search] Added icon size setting of result list: no icon, small icon and large icon.
[Stash Shelf] Added Context menu item "Read from Clipboard".
[Stash Shelf] Paste (hotkey: cmd+v) the contents of Clipboard directly.
[Batch Rename] Support remote files.
[Optimized] Advanced Batch Rename, when replacing text, the target can be set to empty.
[Optimized] When dragging or copying files to an unexpanded folder in List View, keep it unexpanded.
[Optimized] After dragging and moving files, select the relevant target.
[Optimized] Dragging or Sliding to multi-select of List View items.
[New] Control + Left Mouse Click to call out the Context menu.
[New] Drag and drop files to the trash icon on the dock to move the files to the trash.
[Fixed] Recognize key, numbers, pages folder format documents.
[Fixed] Task list progress is not refreshed in time.
[Fixed] Some iCloud files cannot be displayed.
[Fixed] Opening folders on some macOS 10.15 systems is seriously slow!
[Optimized] Speed up application start.
[Optimized] Speed up folder opening.
[Optimized] Floating stash shelf drag & shake gesture recognition.
[Optimized] Network file delete operation skip trash and delete directly.
[Optimized] Automatically remembers search window size, location and customized columns.
[Optimized] Search result font size sync with settings.
[Optimized] Icons view arrows key selection.
[Fixed] Memory leak problem.
[Fixed] Crashes on macOS 10.15.
[Fixed] Crash when adding QuickLaunch item on some devices.
[Fixed] File changes not refresh after changed view types.
[Fixed] File icon is occasionally incorrect.
[Fixed] Unable to delete read-only files.
[Fixed] QuickLook is automatically closed due to network folder refresh.
[Fixed] "Apply to all" option when items of the same name conflict during copying and moving.
[Fixed] QuickLook does not refresh after the Icons view selections changed.
[Fixed] Application menu item with F1-F20 shortcut key is displayed incorrectly.
[New] Search can display column customization features.
[New] The selected item status is displayed at the bottom of the search window.
[New] Search result columns: category, date added, date created, date last opened, size, duration.
[New] Drag-and-drop operation is supported for the temporary shelf expansion list.
[New] Network connection management extension module.
[New] Sidebar server grouping.
[New] Setting: Server display switch.
[New] Setting: Floating window recall gesture switch.
[Adjusted] Temporarily disables side preview for Icons view and List view.
[Fixed] Crashes caused by item refresh on macOS 10.15.
[Fixed] Focus exception caused by item refresh in column view.
[Fixed] After the preview of the Columns-view is closed, the UI is displayed abnormally.
[Fixed] Alias folder contents are not refreshed in Columns-view.
[Fixed] The Columns-view item was occasionally covered.
[Fixed] Sorting of List-view items was not updated after modification.
[Fixed] The cut items are displayed abnormally.
[Fixed] Batch Rename (Advanced): the name operation is abnormal when the folder name contains ".".
[Fixed] The minimize button of "Stash Shelf" disappeared on macOS 10.13 system.
[Fixed] Removed items were not refreshed when the "Stash Shelf" was started for the first time.
[New] When dragging items, horizontal shaking will present floating "Stash Shelf".
[New] Search supports sorting by "Name", "Size", and "Date modified".
[New] Search supports filtering by "Image", "Video", "Document", "Folder", "Archive" and "Application".
[New] Search supports selecting the location of current view.
[New] "Hide" or "Show" the Sidebar groups.
[New] Columns-view "None Icon" and "Large Icon" display mode.
[New] List-view "None Icon" display mode.
[New] List-view supports right side preview.
[New] Icons-view supports right side preview.
[New] Hotkey settings support F1-F20 function keys.
[New] Sidebar supports display more iCloud folders.
[New] Item move or copy to parent with same name conflict resolution.
[New] Context menu item of label list items, "Show in Enclosing Folder".
[New] Setting item: Auto hide "Stash Shelf", if there's no stashing items.
[Optimized] Release expired preview webpage content in Columns-view.
[Optimized] Deepen the border color of the current view.
[Optimized] Context menu item "Open With" applications.
[Optimized] Icons-view Press Shift and left and right to select items continuously.
[Optimized] The "Layout" extended menu is displayed after the toolbar is compressed.
[Optimized] Automatically identify folder packages supported by installed apps.
[Fixed] Unable to purchase extensions.
[Fixed] Unable to drag files in Icons view on macOS 10.15.
[Fixed] iCloud file status is not updated.
[Fixed] The rename does not take effect when tapping to activate.
[Fixed] Lost selected status after renaming in Columns view.
[Optimized] Experience in Columns view after preview closed.
[Optimized] Speed up contextual menu expanding.
[New] Record recent open files, which can be configured to context menu and toolbar items.
[New] Record recent access location, which can be configured to context menu and toolbar items.
[New] Slider on the bottom status bar of Icons view and List view, you can adjust the size of item icons with it.
[New] Copy to, move to function can be configured to the context menu item, and customize hotkey.
[New] Display item size in Icons view's extra info, also can be displayed together with brief info of the item.
[New] Batch rename items at once.
[New] Settings: Default sort settings "Apply to opened workspaces".
[New] Active Folders, which can synchronize QSpace open folders in real time.
[New] Display "Permissions" column in List view.
[New] Extension [Advanced Batch Rename].
[New] Extension [Stash Shelf].
[New] Quick Launch variable "$stash_items".
[New] You can manually select a folder when searching.
[Optimized] Improve application stability and efficiency.
[Optimized] Context menu "Open with" list.
[Optimized] Drag effect of Icons view items.
[Optimized] QuickLook preview animation effect.
[Optimized] Items copy and move conflict resolution, support merge folders.
[Optimized] Compatible accent colors for macOS 10.14 and above.
[Fixed] Some crashes on macOS 10.15.
[Fixed] Can't display "/" in item name.
[Fixed] The interface did not refresh in time after the file attributes were changed.
[Fixed] Folder replication containing read-only files was abnormal.
[Fixed] The window content was not refreshed after the external disk was rejected.
[Fixed] Replacing "Reveal in Finder" in WeChat, QQ and Safari did not work.
[Fixed] Siderbar icons displayed abnormally when switching between dark modes.
[Fixed] Label with no color were displayed abnormally on the context menu.
[Fixed] The label color icons in List view was incomplete occasionally.
[Fixed] The date format display in List view was not unified.
[Fixed] Items sort on UI has not changed since the file was updated.
[Fixed] The directory with ".framework" suffix opened abnormally.
[Fixed] Extra info was not refreshed after adding or removing items in the folder in Columns view.
[Fixed] The address bar is not refreshed after selecting folder changed in the Columns view.
[Fixed] Unable to select continuous items by click with Shift in Icons view.
[Fixed] Files display occasional disorder.
[Fix] Optimize app running stability and fix occasional crash.
[Fix] Filter out disk snapshot display caused by time machine.
[Fix] The Icons view and Columns view occasionally displayed abnormally while duplicating items.
[Fix] In the tagged item List view, the tag color is abnormal.
[Fix] Fixed the occasional abnormality of the Icons view.
[Fix] Open folders with "open -a QSpace" command.
[Optimized] Window resize delay.
[Optimized] Improve the efficiency of hash calculation, you can close the hash window by ESC.
[Optimized] Preview view of the Columns view.
[Optimized] Improve the "File" and "Workspace" menu items and their hotkey settings page.
[New] Context menu item "Settings" of Sidebar.
[New] Setting item: Keep hidden files visible.
[New] Search in a workspace or in global mode.
[New] Sidebar tags, you can choose and sort visible tags in the settings page.
[New] "File" menu item "Print", (default hotkey: cmd + p).
[New] Context menu item: "Show Original" of alias or link file.
[New] Double-click the column divider to adjust the width automatically.
[New] Drag the folder to the bookmark list in the Sidebar, it can be automatically added as a bookmark.
[New] Custom a bookmark's display name.
[New] Drag and drop hyperlinks to folders to generate webloc files.
[New] File hash value calculation supports MD5/SHA256/SHA128/SHA224/SHA384/SHA512/CRC32.
[New] File hash value calculation supports customize context menu item, toolbar item, touch bar item and hotkey.
[New] Undo and redo operations for new folders and files.
[New] After the view dividing line is moved, it will automatically approach the alignment.
[New] When calculating all sizes, the related item sizes are displayed in the bottom status bar.
[New] Finder Service menu item "Show in QSpace".
[New] Task status toolbar item to show and cancel ongoing file operations.
[New] "Applications" Sidebar item and Go menu item, and default hotkey (cmd + shift + a).
[New] "Utilities" Go menu item, and default hotkey (cmd + shift + u).
[New] Mark cutting files, you can switch in the Settings.
[New] QSpace can be set as default file browser (manual setting required).
[New] Settings: Workspace for opening the external selection (Such as "Reveal in QSpace").
[New] Settings: Click the blank of ​​the view to return to parent folder.
[New] "Workspace" menu item: New workspace tab (can customize shortcut keys).
[New] "Delete Workspace" function, you can customize it's toolbar item, touch bar item and hotkey.
[Optimized] Workspace loading speed.
[Optimized] The interface slow down when a large number of files are added.
[Optimized] CPU usage during file update.
[Optimized] You can do other operations during file moving or copying.
[Optimized] Support canceling file operations in progress.
[Optimized] Keep the current selection when refreshing the view.
[Optimized] Automatically adjust the size and position of the new workspace window.
[Optimized] The context menu tags are synchronized with Finder.
[Fix] The columns view display stuck on macOS 10.13.
[Fix] Added custom Quick Launch on macOS 10.15.2 occasionally crashed.
[Fix] The iCloud undownloaded file name is displayed abnormally.
[Fix] Toolbar icon size occasionally displayed abnormally.
[Fix] "cmd + delete" operation was abnormal during file renaming.
[Fix] After clicked the app icon in dock, the window display is abnormal.
[Fix] Rename context menu item is not displayed.
[Fix] The UI was not refreshed when renaming only changed case.
[Fix] The icon of alias and link file is displayed abnormally.
[Fix] After adding or deleting items, the related information of its parent item is not refreshed.