QSpace Pro Beta Program

What's Beta Program?

With the improvement of QSpace, the functions are more and more abundant, and the user's use environment is also more and more diverse. Version updates for QSpace also take longer to complete. In order to make new features available to users as soon as possible, the QSpace R&D team decided to launch the QSpace Pro Beta program.

What is the difference between Beta and Stable?

Simply put, the two are different in terms of new features and stability. The Beta version contains more new features than the Stable version.

How to obtain the Beta version?

1. QSpace Pro V2.9.8 or above is required.
2. Go to Preferences > Version > Check "Join the Beta App Program" to receive beta app updates.
3. The Beta version and the Stable version can be switched with each other, and they share the same account and settings.

How do I switch from the Beta version to the Stable version?

In the Beta version, you can go to Preferences > Version > Uncheck "Join the Beta App Program" at any time, then click "Change to Stable Version" to install the Stable version.